Corporate Social Responsibility

Black but Pink

Campaign - a future for Spastic Children

GIIB Corporate Social Responsibility is going to take place in JUNE, and this time we will provide our support to Spastic Children’s Association of Selangor & Federal Territory.

Spastic Children in simply define as children with cerebral palsy which is a disorder of movement, posture & etc, appearing in the early years of life. It is due to the damage or failure to develop, normally in small part of the brain controlling these activities. Currently, they are running out of rooms to support the incoming numbers of application from families that have spastic children and financial constrain. As all supports are pprovided for free by the association,they are really in need of cash donations to enhance the facilities & equipment needed by the children.

In the month of June, a portion of the sales generated through every kilogram of GIIB Supercool precured tread liners will be donated to the association above. every purchase of tyres retreated with GIIB Supercool Beluga by fleet operators can help to contribute and support this donation drive. GIIB world together with all Authorised Retreaders and Franchisees will look forward for this donation drive and we hope we can gain your support throughout the entire month of June. Our society is our future, so let's come together to build the future with hopes.