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Malaysia Leprosy Relief Association (MaLRA)

Leprosy, a feared contagious disease through the centuries, was probably brought into Malaysia over 300 years ago by the early immigrants. In those days, lepers were outcasts of society and were treated with utter contempt. The dreaded disease was eradicated on Malaysia some time ago, but recent influx of illegal foreign workers, it has resurfaced.

When GIIB heard that the Malaysia Leprosy Aid Relief Association (MaLRA) was short of wheelchairs, we decided to organise a mini food fair among our staff and the family members to address this need. MaLRA may not be a popular organization which attracts attentuin and financial aid from cooperations, but funds are still needed to support the patients.

The Opening Ceremony, From left B.O.B (General Manager), Alison Wong (COO), and David Ho (MD of Bigwheel Group)

Many turned up to support the event

6th October, 2013 was a memorable day for GIIB. Coupons were sold to all employees and many members of the GIIB family sponsored food to be sold at the fair. A total of RM7,500 was collected and this will be used to purchase a very much needed additional wheelchair for the patients.

Despite the fair being open only to all GIIBers and their family members, everyone demonstrated high spirits, good teamwork and energy to ensure its smooth running. The event gave us all an opportunity to look beyond ourselves, to give from our hearts to people whom we have never met but who need help to bear the burden of a disease that has crippled their lives.

Working hard for charity

Thank you to all who gave so generously of their time and effort to make the event a meaningful and successful one. For more information on MaLRA and how you can help, please visit their website at