Date: 16 July 2016

Everyone in the tyre industry knows the unavoidable truth: there are hundreds of brands out there in the market, but not every tyre can be reincarnated through retreading due to casing quality. Therefore, the casing that is primarily chosen for the truck to run on is extremely important.

In July GIIB Rubber retreading subsidiary in Sabah Big Wheel Green Tyres KK has signed an agreement with GITI Tyre Group to distribute its products in East Malaysia in order to offer an affordable and relevant solution to this market. Both companies have signed an agreement to provide a unique rebate structure for those fleets that choose to retread their GITI tyres with Big Wheel.

GITI has come into this market and introduced products that are specifically developed for it, and as such GITI tyres are expected to have very good performance in this region. Pairing up with a reliable retreading partner opens up an opportunity to maintain an even longer lifespan for the benefit of fleets. This collaboration is an excellent example of how to succeed in an ever challenging environment by joining forces and efforts in delivering complex solutions to customers.

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