Date: 09 July 2016

Who doesn’t remember the strain that a rain blinded windscreen brings on a wet day? Needless to say, screen wipers play a major role in keeping the observation of the road clear and helping the driver to make it through the journey safely. Therefore, there can be no compromise on quality of materials that the wiper blades are made of.

That is why Valeo, one of the Top 10 designers and manufacturers of automotive spare parts in the world, chooses technical rubber compound Rubtek by GIIB Rubber for their windscreen wiper blades production. As a company with global name and high ranking, Valeo of course has high standards to adhere to and stringent quality control systems implemented at every step of operations. Therefore, each supplier is also thoroughly audited and closely monitored.

Today we are proud to announce that GIIB Rubber is the one to stand up to these standards with our technical compound specifically developed for Valeo and to surpass our customer’s expectations on performance and support. The first order is to reach Valeo warehouse this month of August, and we are looking forward to the long-standing and fruitful partnership!