Date: 01 October 2016

GIIB is happy to announce that we are taking responsibility for the final outcome of our retreads to a completely new level. In the effort to streamline our efficiency in business, the management has taken the decision to appoint Mr. B.O.B Ngaau as the Managing Director of Big Wheel Green Tyres Nilai effective 1st of October 2016.

Mr. B.O.B is also Managing Director of Goodway Rubber Industries Sdn Bhd, so the synergy is to maximise the impact that we are bringing to the tyre industry and curb the effects of the global crisis. With Mr. B.O.B’s vast experience in compounding and retreading industry accumulated through many years of work in the Oceanic, South-East Asian and Americas markets, we can only expect the best tread rubber quality coupled with the retreaded tyre finishing. At this point of time, BWGT Nilai is already servicing top tier tyre companies both in Australia and globally to cater for their retread material needs, without question displaying proven product performance. In the future to come, unified management of both companies will allow GIIB to provide the full cycle of services to the users of Supercool retreads and to have even better control over the quality of tyres that leave our premises and go to fleets.

We are looking forward to servicing our end customers at a new level and to making sure that they receive value for money – every time without exception.