Date: 25 December 2015

To actively promote Malaysia as center for green tyre retreading, the Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB) planned to work with manufacturers to incorporate natural rubber Ekoprena into the compounds produced by these companies. Ekoprena was developed specifically for use in tyres by the Tun Abdul Razak Research Center (TARRC) in the UK, the R&D, marketing and promotion center of MRB. Ekoprena is a specialty rubber that's a form of epoxidised natural rubber (ENR), obtained by epoxidation of natural rubber latex (NR). Ekoprena is sustainable, renewable and has a low carbon footprint.

In the course of carefully choosing the manufacturers, TARRC sent their specialists to audit GIIB and was convinced that we would be the right partner for MRB. We were chosen because GIIB has a long history of reliability and safety, has shown aggressive growth in business and runs an efficient plant with the capability to be one of the first manufacturers to incorporate Ekoprena into our rubber compounds. The MRB-GIIB collaboration to achieve a common objective enables both organisations to showcase to the world Malaysia’s technology and Malaysian-made products.